Who wants to look into the mirror?

Or yet another answer why people stick to bad software and why Linux apps on Windows won’t significantly help the Linux desktop.

I just felt that I had something to say at dot.kde.org. It was yet another debate wether it is good to port KDE to Windows or not. As it took quite some time writing my irrelevant personal objections and analysis there I decided to share them here as well: 😉

People are used to apps and work flows on Windows that are so stone-age, buggy and slow that it isn’t funny anymore. If I tell them „Hey you deserve something better than pain and frustration“ they panic because I don’t give them the answers they want to get:

They ask:

How do I use Norton Internet Security? It makes the internet so secure if I have it. On a friends computer it was able to block thousands of attacks and it did find all viruses.“

I tell them:

„Forget about antivirus, antispyware and personal firewall software. They don’t solve your computer problems they make them even more worse. There are easy to use systems that inmediatly release you from that burden knowing about such things.“

They ask:

„Hey where do I get the crack/serial for $software? Do you have $software-professional-version? My copied installation CD has a copy protection and does not work.“

I tell them:

„Why do you care about serials/cracks and installation medias with copy protection? Why do you ask for just one single programm? There are systems that have everything ready for you just a mouse click away. And you don’t need to know about serials/cracks. And of course you can update the whole system including every app with a single mouse click or even automatically. No need to separately look for updates for every app you have.“

I could go ahead…

Windows people have accepted so much horrible things as an inchangeable law of nature/god that you can push them completely off the track if you answer such things. As none wants to realize that he wasted a lot of his time with unnecessary thing they don’t believe you most of the time but believe the opposite in order to feel comfortable just for the moment. So they think „Linux is a confusing complicated system for evil virus programmers that is not useable by honest people because it even lacks Norton Internet Security!“ I’m not kidding. I have heard this more than once.

The problem is that Linux is so much ahead of Windows that you cannot gradually switch to it as you need to change some fundamental things in your painfully trained useless habits.

Linux apps on Windows won’t help attracting more users to Linux because Windows inherits and enforces a totally different mentality. Linux apps on Windows will help average people to lower their pain but not removing it. As removing that pain means looking into the mirror of awareness people won’t do it if they just can stand the pain or can lower it quick without awareness.

I am not talking about people that already did look into the mirror and that appreciate Linux but are forced to use Windows. For these people Linux apps on Windows are a great help but you don’t need to convince convinced people but not yet convinced people if you want to increase market share of Linux desktops.


Eine Antwort to “Who wants to look into the mirror?”

  1. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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