Pakanto project reached first milestone

The first milestone of the Pakanto project, that started in December 2006, was writing software package descriptions for every KDE module (in order to be reusable by third parties as fast as possible) and has been reached now. 🙂

Beside base KDE packages in English and German Pakanto provides many more fresh package descriptions not only for KDE applications but also for many other kinds of software. Starting from zero in December 2006 Pakanto currently contains 90 new package descriptions in English and German for 55 unique software packages.

But not only content but also the interface of the used MediaWiki software has been improved a lot with many interface tweaks both visible and under the hood (some of them went upstream into MediaWiki development :-), with customizations via many useful extensions and with the development of the own MediaWiki extension Multilang.

These are only some highlights which only partly reflect all the work done so far. I hope you’ll like it and in case something is not perfect for you or just missing (which I hope 😉 just go on edit and improve or translate the package descriptions or start writing new ones in your language of choice – it’s a wiki… But there are many more things to do. There is plenty of room for pioneers. You are a good coder who is tired of writing yet another text editor and who is searching for inspiration for some deeply desired new software? – Pakanto needs you. You’re good at promotion? – Pakanto needs you, too.

You are searching for a new cool project that can make THE difference to the Free Software world? – Join Pakanto the software package mediator now.


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