A clear election recommendation

No you won’t get a recommendation whom to vote for the board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation or an analysis of the candidates here – except that I don’t run for the board this time as I feel committed making my own wiki project a success first which wouldn’t be possible with a full free time job in the board.

However I still have a clear recommendation:

Give your favourite Wikimedia project your voice with your vote – If you like Wikimedia Commons most (and you meet the vote requirements there) please vote at Wikimedia Commons. If Wikisource is your pet project go and vote there. The same applies for Wikinews, Wikibooks, Wiktionary, Wikiversity, Wikiquote

I just don’t want to see again statements of people that globally say everything else than Wikipedia is a waste of time and who partly base these claims on the 2006 election statistics. Please proof them wrong this time. In 2006 I deliberately did vote in Wikimedia Commons and I will do so again this time and I hope a lot of other people will give their voice with their vote to their favourite Wikimedia project, too.


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