Investigations on Russian copyright

Quite some of you are probably aware of the past copyright duration flame wars and wild assumptions on Soviet and Russian copyright in en.wikipedia, de.wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and other Wikimedia projects. Lupo was the hero who did dive into this complicated matter and did enlighten this stuck debate with plain facts.

Now he has produced a real masterpiece out of this debate. He wrote a series of 4 for Wikipedia articles that cover all aspects of this topic. I was in awe, when I read through the articles and am pretty sure that this is the best available compilation of the whole affair of Russian copyright, but read yourself:

  • Copyright in Russia
  • Copyright law of the Soviet Union
  • Copyright law of the Russian Federation
  • International copyright relations of Russia
  • I can only recommend reading them, translating them into other languages and using them as fact basis for your daily copyright work on this matter. I’d love if other people can do such a comprehensive analysis resulting in Wikipedia articles for other nations where we have comparable debates, too.

    A funny side aspect: We extend Wikipedia in order to teach ourselves and keep our project alive. 🙂


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